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Dr Abhishek kumar

"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."

What makes Dr Abhishek different?

I believe in smart work so I do smart work. I manage to find my way there. I do not let myself down. Apart from being a Doctor and Author I love to play with codes. I was born on 1985-02-03 at Jamalpur Munger as the third child of my parent. I did my schooling from Notre Dame Academy Jamalpur and went to Calcutta National Medical College, kolkata to achieve my innate goal of being a medical professional. After doing my MBBS I started my carrier as a medical graduate and served the state of West Bengal for 3 years. Soon due to my inclination towards the influence of emerging technologies and my writing hobbies I entered in the world of IT and started developing mobile applications and websites along with the content at Dr. Suresh Mondal.

Job Profile: Doctor at Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Author at Dr. Suresh Mondal.

Dr Abhishek kumar

Here is my email: ceoapkakart@gmail.com and Mob: +918617028290. My Address: 84 Deepak Vihar Najafgarh, New Delhi, INDIA.

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